Beneficiary Stories

The Beneficiary Stories compiled by our field teams are reflecting traces from the lives of millions of vulnerable beneficiaries of Kızılaykart Programmes.

“I Volunteer As an Interpreter to Show My Gratitude”

“C-ESSN Gave Me the Hope to Work and Produce Again”

Thanks to C-ESSN, I Meet the Needs of My Son with ASD Diagnosis

C-ESSN Beneficiary Story-Serenak Family

All I need is My Children growing up in Peace

Thanks to the C-ESSN Assistance I can Put Food on the Table without Need to Run in Debt

Beneficiary Story-Farhoud Couple

Beneficiary Story-Zamat Family

Beneficiary Story-Alyaseen Family

Beneficiary Story-Meri Family

Their stories are becoming the voice for millions of refugees

The Traces of War Are Wiping Out

“In Syria, we were in dark, we reached the light in Turkey”

Wais Family from Aleppo is Overcoming the Obstacles…

New Lives, New Hopes…

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