Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking in Turkey

Starting Date: November 2018
Finalized Date: June 2019

In order to ease the post-traumatic effects; psycho-social support, housing in Safe Houses operating under DGMM and regular cash assistance has been provided to the victims of human trafficking through the programme which was implemented in partnership between the KIZILAYKART Programmes and Community Centers since November 2018.

Within the scope of the "Strengthening of the National Referral Mechanism for Migrants in a Vulnerable Situation" project, implemented in collaboration with the funding organisation UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) a monthly payment of 500 TL for the head of family and 200 TL for children under the age of 18 has been made to foreign national victims of human trafficking living in Safe Houses in specific cities in Turkey.

23 People

Number of Beneficiaries (Received at Least One Payment)

54.278 TL

Total Payment Amount

5.600 TL

Total Payment Amount in June

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