Vocational Course Incentive (VCI) Project

Starting Date: April 2019

Vocational Course Incentive (VCI) Project, which is being implemented under the Livelihood Development Project, started to be implemented with Türk Kızılay Community-Based Migration Programmes in April 2019. Participants receive incentive payments in line with the vocational trainings they receive. The first round of trainees were paid in April 2019. The financial source of the Vocational Course Incentive (VCI) Project is provided by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Within the scope of the Project, courses ranging from mother-of-pearl inlaying courses to sapling planting courses, from philography courses to amigurimi courses are organized at Türk Kızılay Community Centers. In 2023, trainees are paid between 150 TL and 200 TL per day depending on the content of the course.

8,392 People

Number of Beneficiaries Receiving Assistance at Least Once

12,5 Million ₺

Total Assistance Amount

74% Female 24% Male

Gender Breakdown of Beneficiaries

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