Vocational Training Incentive (VTI)

Starting Date: December 2019

The first payment of the Vocational Training Incentive (VTI) Project is carried out with CBM within the scope of Kızılaykart platform with its first payment made in December 2019. This project is funded by the World Vision International (WVI). The Table Olive Processing Course is being given within the scope of the VTI project as of the 2021 period.

For the participants to receive payment, they must not benefit from other Community Center programmes, participate at least 80% of the course, must be between the age range of 18-60.



Community Center

Daily Support Amount (₺)

Table Olive Processing Course


Şanlıurfa Community Center

40 ₺

155 People

Number of Beneficiaries (Received at Least One Payment)

292,020 ₺

Total Payment Amount

27,960 ₺

Total Payment Amount in March 2021

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