Kitchen of Hope

Starting Date: May 2019
Finalized Date: August 2019

The “Kitchen of Hope” is a livelihood development project jointly implemented under the partnership of two of important Türk Kızılay programmes namely KIZILAYKART Cash-Based Assistance Programmes and Community Based Migration Programmes.

Within the scope of the project, which started as of May 2019, the allowance of each individual participating in the cookery course was made through KIZILAYKART. The courses were held in Ankara and Istanbul and attended by Syrian nationals. 50% of the participants for the project were female and 50% of them were male. Within the scope of the project, a monthly payment of 1000 TL has been given to participants through KIZILAYKART. The project has been funded by the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and completed in September 2019.

122 People

Number of Beneficiaries (Received at Least One Payment)

230.000 TL

Total Payment Amount

31.000 TL

Total Payment Amount in September

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