Conditional Cash Transfer for Education Programme (CCTE)

Starting Date: May 2017

The coverage of the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education Programme (CCTE) which is implemented for children who are Turkish nationals since 2003, was extended as of 2017 to foreign children in Turkey with the funds provided by European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), United States Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (USBPRM), and the Government of Norway.

CCTE Programme is being implemented by the partnership of; Türk Kızılay, Ministry of Family and Social Services (MoFSS), Ministry of National Education (MoNE) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). It was aimed to ensure that children have access to school and attend classes regularly with the cash assistance provided by the programme.

Payments made within the scope of Conditional Cash Transfer for Education Programme are 60 TL per month for girls from kindergarten to 8th grade, and 55 TL per month for boys, 90 TL per month for girls of high school age (9th to 12th grades) and 70 TL for boys. The payments made on a bi-monthly basis require regular attendance. In order to be entitled to the payment of the month, it is necessary not to be absent for more than 4 days in the related month (providing an attendance rate of 80% or higher). The protection component for beneficiary children within the scope of the CCTE Programme is carried out by Türk Kızılay Community Based Migration Programmes. There are specific child protection offices across Turkey. Within the scope of the programme; identifying children who are absent, determining the risks in the scope of protection and monitoring are carried out with precision.

Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP)

The Accelerated Learning Programme, is implemented within the scope of CCTE Programme which envisages the inclusion of children from Syria and from other nationalities who have not been able to access to the formal education facilities. The children who continue their education within the Accelerated Learning Programme can benefit from the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education Programme in the meantime.

Girls and boys are paid 90 TL, within the frame of Accelerated Education Program (AEP).

533,846 Children

Number of Beneficiaries (Received at Least One Payment)

% 50 girl % 50 male

Gender Breakdown of Beneficiaries

135,976,230.00 ₺

Total Payment Amount in September 2023

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