KIZILAYKART is a platform where humanitarian aid, private and public sectors are convened. It provides regular cash support through the banking infrastructure to the beneficiaries who meet certain criteria.

Firstly, KIZILAYKART was implemented for Turkish citizens in 2011. The programme continued with emergency food support to the Syrians who had to leave their country in March 2011 due to the internal conflict that started in Syria. Later on “In Camp Food Assistance Programme” was implemented in order to meet the basic needs of the vulnerable people in 2012. By 2021 KIZILAYKART has transformed into a platform that hosts five ongoing programmes/projects with different themes.

Four programmes/projects are completed under the Kızılaykart Programmes until 2021. Within the scope of Kızılaykart, different programmes are implemented which aims to increase the resilience of those in need and to establish social cohesion. For the beneficiaries, different wallets could be defined according to the conditions and payment terms. With the operational capability, information management and expertise of the Turkish Red Crescent, various programmes for target groups in different categories are implemented with different donors and stakeholders under the umbrella of Kızılaykart.

Within the current structure of the Kızılaykart Platform; humanitarian aid programmes with the theme of basic needs, education and vocational training are implemented.

Programme Stakeholders

KIZILAYKART Programme Offices and Service Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • KIZILAYKART is a cash-based humanitarian platform operating in the organization of the Turkish Red Crescent (Türk Kızılay). Humanitarian assistance programmes with different themes can be implemented through KIZILAYKART Platform with the participation of different partners and donors. Periodic payments are made on the beneficiary payment lists of the programmes defined in KIZILAYKART.

  • KIZILAYKART is a cash based humanitarian platform. Payments are made to beneficiaries of the programmes implemented within the scope of KIZILAYKART through the KIZILAYKART debit card through Halkbank's banking infrastructure.

  • KIZILAYKART is a humanitarian assistance platform operating within the Türk Kızılay. KIZILAYKART is a platform where Türk Kızılay's knowledge and operational experience is transferred, develops humanitarian programmes in cooperation with other programmes of Türk Kızılay, different NGOs, United Nations agencies and International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies. Humanitarian programmes defined in the KIZILAYKART platform can be implemented within the framework of particular partnerships and role distributions

  • Different programmes within the scope of KIZILAYKART are carried out with different partners. The theme of the programmes, the target audience and the type of assistance to be provided; are the determinants of which institution/organization the programme stakeholder will be. KIZILAYKART projects/programmes where Türk Kızılay is the main stakeholder is being implemented with IFRC, WFP, UNICEF, UNDP, IOM, Community Centers, Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Ministry of National Education, Directorate General of Population and Citizenship Affairs, Presidency of Migration Management.

  • People who are wishing to benefit from KIZILAYKART programmes must meet particular criteria. The person wishing to be a program beneficiary can apply to the application center / institution specified by evaluating the programme criteria he / she wants to benefit from.

  • The beneficiaries of KIZILAYKART projects and programmes do not have any obligation to KIZILAYKART. However, those concerned must continue to meet the programme criteria so that they can remain in the program they benefit from. Otherwise, they may not benefit from the programmes and the rights offered by the KIZILAYKART.

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